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The VAM Service

  • Vehicle Accident Managers

    Vehicle Accident and Personal Injury Compensation Made Easy
    Welcome to Vehicle Accident Managers, where you can gain access to the compensation you deserve for vehicle accidents, at no cost to you. You will find that it can be a simple process to make motorbike accident claims or a car accident claim and you can receive satisfactory compensation without losing your No Claims Bonus and without Insurance Premiums increasing.

  • Free Legal Representation
    If you have had an accident and suffered injuries or loss of earnings, we at Vehicle Accident Managers can help you get the compensation you deserve by providing you with full legal representation, and this service is absolutely free. We can help you make motorbike accident claims if you have been involved in any motorbike accidents, or a car accident claim.

  • Vehicle Repair Services
    Motorbike accidents and car accidents are unfortunately very common but the silver lining of this is that there are numerous proficient garages and body shops that can repair your vehicle after an accident. With our service you can pick a garage of your choice to carry out your repairs or you can take advantage of our network of manufacturer and Kitemark approved body shops. Anyone making motorbike accident claims or a car accident claim can use this service and our internal assessors will ensure all work is carried out to the highest standards.

  • Don't Lose Your No Claims Bonus
    Motorbike accidents and car accidents can lead to you losing your no claims bonus if you submit a claim to your insurance company, and this can also cause premiums to increase. At Vehicle Accident Managers we guarantee that if you make motorbike accident claims or a car accident claim, you will not lose your Bonus, nor will Premiums increase – and why should they if the accident was not your fault?

  • Replacement Vehicle During Repairs
    While your vehicle is being repaired we will replace it with a similar model, irrespective of the value of your vehicle, and if not we will provide you with a vehicle upgrade until repairs are completed or until you receive a satisfactory sum for total vehicle loss.

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Recent Testimonials

Following a non-fault accident where a bus hit my car, Vehicle Accident Managers immediately took care of everything, providing me with a replacement car while my own was being repaired. As promised, I did not loose my prized no claims bonus and there was absolutely nothing to pay; no hidden costs - to the garage or the insurance company! I wouldn't hesitate to use their services again and I recommend them with total confidence.
- Howard Douglas DSA ADI (Car)